Network Image är ett företag som arbetar med problemlösning kring insamling och analys av
datatrafik, med hjälp av avancerade verktyg. För oss är kundens behov kärnan i verksamheten och
vi arbetar ständigt för att våra kunder ska uppleva personlig service på högsta nivå. Tack vare
mångårig erfarenhet inom branschen, samt gedigen teknisk kompetens har vi förutsättningarna att
genomföra ekonomiskt och tekniskt effektiva lösningar just för dina behov.

A Foundation of Visibility
Begins with Network TAPs

Protecting your network with a stack of security and monitoring tools is a significant investment, however they are only as good as the data they receive. Dropped packets and over-subscribed ports leave your network blind to cyber threats. A Garland Technology network TAP will ensure your tools receive all the data for optimum functionality while extending the lifecycle of your network tools.

Network TAPs: The Garland Difference

  • Singular company focus on network TAPs
  • Manufactured, serviced and supported in USA (Texas and New York)
  • All TAPs are tested with live network data and validated before shipped
  • Support of the entire wire: from 10/100M copper and 1G/10G/40G/100G fiber including 40G-SR4 BiDi
  • 30 years experience in R&D, manufacturing, network support and service
  • Lowest failure rate in the industry; to date no failures in field and 0% first time pass rate (FTPR)
  • No End of Life (EOL) on products
  • Stocked inventory

Passive Fiber

Network TAPs

Supports: 1G/10G/40G/100G.
Portable/rack mount, 1U modular chassis and High Density 28/56 1U Chassis.

100% network visibility with complete packet capture to feed your network performance and monitoring tools.

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Copper Ethernet

Network TAPs

Supports: 10/100M and 10/100/1000M. Portable/rack mount, 1U or 2U modular chassis.

100% network visibility by making a complete copy of your live network for access and monitoring. Passive or failsafe design.

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Network TAPs

Available in: 100/1000M or 10/100/1000M Copper. 1G and 10G fiber. Portable/rack mount, 1U or 2U modular chassis. Capture 100% full duplex network traffic to be sent to multiple monitoring appliances.
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Network TAPs

Available in: 10/100/1000M Copper. 1G and 10G fiber. Portable TAPs w/ management card, 1U or 2U modular chassis. Filter out the traffic that is not needed by the tool to perform its function and ensure monitoring ports do not become oversubscribed.
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Network TAPs

Available in 1G Copper or 1G/10G Fiber. Portable w/ management card, 1U and 2U modular chassis. Monitor active, inline security appliance health and provide guaranteed network uptime..
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Network Packet Brokers

Filtering, Aggregating, Regeneration and Load Balancing

Available in 1G/10G/40G and 100G. 1U Chassis. Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) provide monitoring tools access to traffic from one or many network links.
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WLAN verktyg från NetAlly, INC. Planering, implementering, verifiering, felsökning och övervakning av WLAN-installationer.